Lagenda 5 Trafik Jam Paling Dahsyat Di Dunia..

1)-Trafik Jam Paling Teruk & lama Di Dunia

Trafik Jam ni berlaku di China pd 14/08/2010 melibatkan Highway 110(G110),iaitu laluan Rentas Tibet Beijing dan Susur ke laluan ke Monggolia,Kesesakan berlaku sejauh 90 km

1Gmbr dri Udara pada Permulaan Kesesakan lalu Lintas

Trafik Jam ni berlaku di China pd 14/08/2010 melibatkan Highway 110(G110),iaitu laluan Rentas Tibet Beijing dan Susur ke laluan ke Monggolia,Kesesakan berlaku sejauh 90 km

Fakta Menarik Tentang Kesesakan Lalu Lintas ni:
1)Kenderaan Terperangkap Selama 11 Hari dan kesesakan Lalu lintas blaku selama 13hari
2)Kerosakan Jalan Raya yang Berlaku memburukan Keadaan
3)Dalam Kesesakan ini purata kereta bergerak 1Km setiap 5 hari.
4)Rmi penduduk setempat menjual makanan dan keperluan harian kepada pengguna lalu lintas selama 11 hari itu(sama ada menjaja atau mnejual ats basikal)
5)Harga Air,Rokok dan Makanan dijual pd harga 8-10 kali ganda dpd biasa
6)Jalan Raya menjadi tmpt pkampungan sementara..
7)Sebotol 600ml air RO dijual pd harga 10 Yuan(RM 5.50)
8)Polis dan pelbagai agensi turun bg mententeramkan keadaan dan memastikan xtjd rusuhan..

Fakta berkaitan:
1)China adlh negara dgn penambahan kenderaan persendirian terbesar di dunia dgn 17% setahun
2)Highway G110 adlh antra yg mencatatkan ptambahan jumlah pengunaan tertinggi di dunia 40% setahun
3)China hny berpengalaman bhadapan kesesakan jalan raya sekitar 15 tahun yang lalu shj…  (ptut mslh xselesai)
4)Apa lg Cina mau…bkn punca kesesakan lalu lintas..


antara kedai2 yg wujud pada waktu tu..

2-•Bethel, New York: August 1969. 
This three-day tie-up over August 15-18, 1969 is historic for more than just traffic. With more than 500,000 attendees descending on Max Yasgur’s famous farm for the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival, the New York Thruway became a stranglehold for more than 20 miles, with many motorists eventually abandoning their cars and hoofing it to enjoy “three days of peace and music” (and rain and mud and more than 10 times the anticipated crowd). Performers had to be flown to and from the site in helicopters to avoid the crippling congestion.

3-•Chicago, Illinois: February 2011.
A near-record 20.2 inches of snow fell on the Windy City on February 1, 2011 in a late-winter blizzard that hit the hardest during the evening rush hour. The most unfortunate commuters were those on the otherwise idyllic Lake Shore Drive headed northbound from downtown Chicago. A series of weather-related accidents slowed, and then halted traffic and buried motorists for more than 12 hours in drifting snow that reached almost as high as the cars’ windshields.

4-•East/West Germany: April 1990.
With the Berlin Wall between the East and West having finally fallen, the Easter holiday saw a massive influx of Germans eager to reconnect with friends and family members. The ensuing record-holding backup on April 12, 1990 was estimated at a whopping 18 million cars on a roadway that otherwise averages a half million vehicles a day. Apparently freedom from oppression doesn’t necessarily mean freedom from traffic.

Lyon-Paris, France: February 1980. 
Noted as the longest traffic jam in the annals of congestion, a combination of hoards of winter vacationers returning to Paris and inclement weather caused a massive tie-up that stretched 109 miles long. Perhaps it would have been quicker had they simply skied back into the city.



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